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Behind the Scenes of TSR

The Songbird's Refrain: TImeline

How long does it take to write a novel? Here's the process that led to TSR hitting shelves!

Draft 1

December 2016-March 2017

Draft 2

April 2017-November 2017

Critique Partner Read

November 2017-January 2018

Draft 3

February 2018-June 2018

Beta Read

June 2018-August 2018

Final Content Edit

August 2018-September 2018

Final Read

November 2018-December 2018

Line Edit

September 2018-November 2018

And after a professional edit, formatting, cover design and various marketing activities (that I didn't keep as detailed of a log on)... The Songbird's Refrain came out on
SEPTEMBER 3, 2019!
I've gotten a lot faster at writing since, though. I'm excited to let you know the process for my next novel once that's done!

Jillian is available for media inquiries, fanmail, or declarations of undying love: 

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