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Curiouser And...

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For sixteen years, Ashlyn Jones has heeded her parents’ warnings and followed their rules. But after taking a tumble in the forest, she awakens in a strange land where there are no rules—where signs lack direction, the sky hovers on the edge of night, and all paths lead to the glittering red palace of a wicked queen. Although she’s told there’s no way home, Ashlyn is determined to find one, enlisting the help of a dreamy girl found sleeping in a tree.

But everyone is a little mad here, from the smiling cat to the whimsical man in the top hat. And the more she interacts with this strange land and its stranger inhabitants, the more Ashlyn questions the life she’s fighting so hard to get back to. Maybe she was just as trapped in her role as the dutiful daughter as she is here.

Unfortunately, she’ll be even more trapped if the queen gets ahold of her…

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