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Jillian Maria

Official Bio:

Jillian Maria enjoys tea, pretty dresses, and ripping out pieces of herself to put in her novels. She writes the books she wants to read, prominently featuring women who are like her in some way or another. A great lover of horror, thriller and mystery novels, most of her stories have some of her own fears lurking in the margins. When she isn't willing imaginary people into existence, she's pursuing a career in public relations and content marketing. A Michigan native, Jillian spends what little free time she has hanging out with her friends, reading too much, singing along to musical numbers, and doting on her cat.

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With The Songbird's Refrain

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There's Magic Between Us

Quick Facts:

Title: There's Magic Between Us

Age Range: Young Adult

Genres: Fantasy Romance

Published: Summer 2021

Length: 324 pages

Print ISBN: 978-1733863513

Keywords: faerie, forest, magic, treasure

Triggers: implied (offscreen) assault

Rep: f/f, pansexual MC, sapphic love interest, genderfluid secondary character


Promo Line

Carefree city girl meets determined small-town girl in this young adult fantasy romance packed full of faerie magic and giddy crushes.

Short Description

City girl Lydia is expecting a boring week in her grandmother’s small town of Fairbrooke. But that changes when she meets Eden, a curious girl hunting fae treasure in the forest.

Full Description

A diehard city girl, 16-year-old Lydia Barnes is reluctant to spend a week in her grandma’s small town. But hidden beneath Fairbrooke’s exterior of shoddy diners and empty farms, there’s a forest that calls to her. In it, she meets Eden: blunt, focused, and fascinating. She claims to be hunting fae treasure, and while Lydia laughs it off at first, it quickly becomes obvious that Eden’s not joking—magic is real.

Lydia joins the treasure hunt, thrilled by all the things it offers her. Things like endless places in the forest to explore and a friendship with Eden that threatens to blossom into something more. But even as she throws herself into her new adventure, some questions linger. Why did her mom keep magic a secret? Why do most of the townspeople act like the forest is evil? It seems that, as much as Lydia would like to pretend otherwise, not everything in Fairbrooke is as bright and easy as a new crush…

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There's Magic Between Us

The Songbird's Refrain

Quick Facts:

Title: The Songbird's Refrain

Age Range: Young Adult

Genres: Supernatural Suspense

Published: September 3, 2019

Length: 241 pages

Print ISBN: 978-1733863506

Keywords: curses, magic, witches

Triggers: Body horror, character death, kidnapping, child abuse, emotionally abusive relationships

Rep: f/f, lesbian MC, bisexual love interest


Promo Line

A captive girl fights against a sadistic witch's curse in this young adult suspense novel full of insidious magic and mysterious dreams.

Short Description

Elizabeth is rarely noticed—until she’s noticed in the worst way, by an evil witch who kidnaps and curses her. Will she find the strength to break free? Can she find the courage to even try?

Full Description

When a mysterious show arrives in town, seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Brighton is both intrigued and unsettled. But none of the acts capture her attention quite like the blue-eyed woman. Locked in a birdcage and covered in feathers, the anguish in her voice sounds just a little too real to be an act—because it isn’t. The show’s owner, a sadistic witch known only as the Mistress, is holding her captive.

And she’s chosen Elizabeth as her next victim.

After watching the blue-eyed woman die, Elizabeth is placed under the same curse. She clings to what little hope she can find in the words of a fortune teller and in her own strange dreams. The more she learns, the more she suspects that the Mistress isn’t as invulnerable as she appears. But time is against her, and every feather that sprouts brings her closer to meeting the blue-eyed woman’s fate. Can Elizabeth unlock the secret to flying free, or will the Mistress’s curse kill her and cage its next victim?

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The Songbird's Refrain 001.jpg

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The Songbird's Refrain
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