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There's Magic Between Us

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A diehard city girl, 16-year-old Lydia Barnes is reluctant to spend a week in her grandma’s small town. But hidden beneath Fairbrooke’s exterior of shoddy diners and empty farms, there’s a forest that calls to her. In it, she meets Eden: blunt, focused, and fascinating. She claims to be hunting fae treasure, and while Lydia laughs it off at first, it quickly becomes obvious that Eden’s not joking—magic is real.

Lydia joins the treasure hunt, thrilled by all the things it offers her. Things like endless places in the forest to explore and a friendship with Eden that threatens to blossom into something more. But even as she throws herself into her new adventure, some questions linger. Why did her mom keep magic a secret? Why do most of the townspeople act like the forest is evil? It seems that, as much as Lydia would like to pretend otherwise, not everything in Fairbrooke is as bright and easy as a new crush…

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Praise for TMBU

“Whether you’re here for the romance or the fantasy world-building, you’ll be satisfied with what Maria offers here.” - Whitney McGruder

“This funny, sweet, charming, thrilling, and all around extraordinary story is absolute perfection.” - Kristian Walls

“This book was absolutely stunning and had me smiling at my phone while reading. Even though I'm a teenager, it's not often that I find characters in YA books that I can relate to this much.” - Sarah R

“Book Community, don't sleep on this one.” - Martina Weiß

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