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Graveyard Girl

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Description is still a rough draft and not final.

Kristen Clarke has spent most of her life stubbornly ignoring the ghosts only she can see. She doesn't want to think about death, or magic, or the "curse" on her hometown of Ashwood Grove that's become a running joke among residents. She just wants to live quietly and normally, staying safe and pleasing her parents. But when a mysterious girl shows up first in her bedroom and then in her classroom, "normal" becomes a harder goal to achieve. Especially when that girl reveals herself as a witch, and tells Kristen that she's a witch, too.

Kristen wants nothing to do with any of it. But when the ghosts that haunt Ashwood Grove start making tangible chaos, they threaten her normal way of life and her parents' opinions of her. She reluctantly teams up with the young witch who claims that she'll put an end to the ghosts and the curse of Ashwood Grove once and for all. But the more she learns about magic, the more complicated it becomes. Is being a witch really as bad as she's always been taught?


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