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quarterly Goals: q1 2019

Happy New Year! I thought now would be a good time to review my goals for the year, and break them into manageable chunks. I plan on 2019 being a big year of growth for me, so a lot of my goals for this quarter are preparing for bigger goals later on in the year!

The Songbird’s Refrain

This one isn’t in the image because I have monthly goals for The Songbird’s Refrain, on a separate spread, all the way up to publication. I’m keeping this vague for now because I don’t know exactly how long certain things will take, and I don’t want to promise a release date until I’m reasonably sure I can achieve it. But I can tell you that professional editing will be happening this quarter!

Draft Sisters of Hecate Book 1

Sisters of Hecate has been a real pain in the butt for me! Since coming up with the concept, Book 1 has undergone several complete plot changes, one setting change, and I’ve never managed to get more than 10k into a draft before realizing that it was fundamentally flawed. But NO MORE! I’m armed with an outline and a very stubborn love for the characters. I’m getting this draft done!

Create Timeline for Fairbrooke Bridge

Fairbrooke Bridge is the working title for my next WIP, which I’m hoping to draft during Q2! But for now, I want to get a feel for the timeline. The plot revolves around a girl’s visit to her grandmother’s house for a week (or maybe 10 days, depending on what the plot requires), so timing is important for this one! Right now I have scenes that I know I’d like to see happen, so it’s a matter of slotting them into the correct days.

Post 6 Blogs

Self-explanatory. My aim is to post to this thing twice a month!

Take 5 Skillshare Classes

Specifically, I want to take classes on project management. It’s a role that I came into rather suddenly at the end of 2018, and while I’m enjoying it and doing a pretty good job, I know that there are things I could learn! So it’s time to take some classes.

Attend 3 Networking Events

Networking events are nerve-wracking! But they’re an important part of a communications career, and I’m not going to get better at them unless I go. So at least one a month seems like a reasonable goal.

Clean 1k Files

This is actually quite embarrassing. I somehow got into the habit of never moving anything from my downloads folder, which means that it is … quite a mess. Such a mess, in fact, that removing 1k files will really only put a dent in the thing. But, it’s a start.

Organize New Files


Wake Up at 7:30 a.m.

I am not a morning person. I will never be a morning person. Unfortunately, I’m a professional girl living in a morning person’s world, and that means that I need to stop hitting snooze 50 times only to roll out of my bed in a panic at 8:45, because I have a call at 9. So, uh, yeah. GOALS.

Make 1 Healthy Lunch Per Week

My diet consists of, possibly, more ramen noodles and microwave pizzas than any one person should consume. I can feel it taking a toll on my mind and body, so this is me, trying to take a step in the right direction. Maybe 1 healthy lunch doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a start, okay?

I'd love to hear about your quarterly goals!


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