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The Songbird's Refrain

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When a mysterious show arrives in town, seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Brighton is both intrigued and unsettled. But none of the acts capture her attention quite like the blue-eyed woman. Locked in a birdcage and covered in feathers, the anguish in her voice sounds just a little too real to be an act—because it isn’t. The show’s owner, a sadistic witch known only as the Mistress, is holding her captive.

And she’s chosen Elizabeth as her next victim.

After watching the blue-eyed woman die, Elizabeth is placed under the same curse. She clings to what little hope she can find in the words of a fortune teller and in her own strange dreams. The more she learns, the more she suspects that the Mistress isn’t as invulnerable as she appears. But time is against her, and every feather that sprouts brings her closer to meeting the blue-eyed woman’s fate. Can Elizabeth unlock the secret to flying free, or will the Mistress’s curse kill her and cage its next victim?

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Praise for Songbird

“This book is a blast, with a hint of creepy, a dose of suspense, and a nice dollop of fluffy wlw.” - D. N. Bryn

“The Songbird's Refrain was magical, and not just because the protagonist is cursed by a witch! Jillian Maria perfectly captures the beauty and tragedy of fairy tales in this enchanting yet harrowing love story.” - Avalon Roselin

“The Songbird’s Refrain is a modern fairytale with a fast pace, strong characters, and writing that hits all the right notes. The story never flagged...and neither did my attention.” - Robert Jones

“Jillian's debut novel is a marvel. Full of surprising turns, vivid characters, and rich description, I had a hard time putting this book down.” - Briana Morgan

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